Poster Rubric


A 20-18  A

B 17-14  B

C 13-10  C

D 9-7  D

F 6-0  F


The document has 2 or more illustrations per section. The illustrations are colorful and appropriate to the topic.

The document has 7-8 total illustrations but they are appropriate to the subject matter. Some are colorful.

The document has 5-6 illustrations.  A few are in color.

Only 4 or less illustration in the entire display.  The picture does not match the subject matter

No pictures.


All criteria for the project is represented.  The information is accurate and appropriate to the subject.  Very clear that all is well thought-out and portrayed.

All criteria for the project is represented.  The information is mostly accurate and on-task. Appears that above average thought put into the subject matter.

Most of the criteria met.  The information is accurate or close to same idea as the original.  Some thought was put into the interpretation of the documents.

Some of the criteria met.  Some of the information is inaccurate. Appears to be rushed but finished.

Most of the criteria not met. The sections of the document are incomplete or not done at all.














Very neat and easy to read.  Time was taken to create an attractive document.  Colorful and attention getting.


Each section is clearly labeled, as are all illustrations or artifacts.  The project hasa title.

Neat and easy to read.  Document is somewhat colorful and attractive to the eye.




Most of the sections and illustrations are titled.  Clear project title is present.

Document is neat and readable.  It is monotone but still looks nice. 





There are only a few sections that are labeled but does have a project title, no illustration labels.

The document is sloppy but still readable.  Few if any illustrations or pictures




There is a project title but no other labels.

Barely readable. No pictures and sloppy writing.







No titles or labels.

Grammar/ Spelling

No more than 2 or three errors.

No more than 5 or six errors.

No more than 10 errors.

More than 15 errors.


Writing Rubric







Position/ Subject

Position is clearly stated and consistently maintained.  Clear references to issues are present

Position is clearly stated and consistently maintained. References to the issues are missing.

Position is stated but not clearly maintained throughout the paper.

Position or subject cannot be determined.


Evidence is sufficient and clearly supports the subject/ position.

Evidence clearly supports the subject/ position but there is not enough.

Argument is supported by limited evidence.

Evidence is unrelated to position/ subject.

Tone/ Voice

Tone is consistent and enhances overall effect.

Tone enhances effect but is inconsistent.

Tone does not contribute to the effectiveness.

Tone does not match purpose.


Structure is clearly developed.

Structure is good but lacks clarity.

Argument/ subject stated but poorly developed structure.

No Structure.


Sentence structure and punctuation is correct.

Sentence structure and punctuation are generally correct with a few mistakes.

Structurally and grammatically weak.

No structure.

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