Course Pacing Guide

8th Grade Science


Course Pacing Guide


(All dates are approximate)

Aug. 29 – Sept. 11 – Intro. To Science

Chapter 1 and other resources

Scientific Methods, Measuring, Tools of Science, Safety, Nature of Science

September 12-October 20 Hydrology Unit – Freshwater


Using Water Wisely

– Saltwater

Earth’s Oceans

Life in the Ocean

Resources from the Ocean

Ocean Pollution

Ocean Creature Project

October 23-Jan 19—Matter and Chemistry

Chapter 5 & 6

Matter – Physical & Chemical Properties, States of Matter Chapters 7- 11

Chemistry – elements, compounds, mixtures, chemical reactions, Periodic Table, risks and benefits of chemicals

Element Project

Jan 25 - Feb 9 – Energy: Conservation & Transfer

Renewable, nonrenewable energy

Energy sustainability

Environmental consequences of each type of energy

Law of Conservation of Energy


Feb. 12 - Feb. 26 – Ecosystems

Food, water, shelter (biotic & abiotic factors, limiting factors)

Producers, Consumers, Decomposers

Feeding relationships (symbiosis, mutualism, parasitism, commensalism)

Energy Flow and Cycles of Matter (water, Carbon cycle, Nitrogen cycle)

Feb 27- March 27 – Earth’s History and Evolution

Rock Layers

Fossils and Geologic Time


Pretend You're a Paleontologist project

March 27-May 2– Cell Review (types of cells, cell processes, cell structure)

And – Pathogens & Diseases

Types of Pathogens (protists, bacteria, viruses, fungi, inverterbrates)

Infectious diseases -- types, transmission, vectors, carriers

Read Fever 1793

Disease Project

May 3 - May 10 – Biotechnology

May 11 - 18 – Molecular Biology

Review photosynthesis and respiration

Nutrition May 21-25 EOG Review After EOGsCancer Unit/History of Science



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