Quilt Garden


Members of Black Mountain Rotary Club helped students at Owen Middle restore a quilt garden, a variety of colorful annuals and perennials arranged in a quilt square pattern, in the school’s courtyard. Along with Builders Club students, Rotarians removed overgrown vegetation, prepared the soil, and installed new raised-bed boxes. Students will complete the project, planting a variety of blooms in a traditional quilt square pattern designed by art teacher, Patti Lloyd.

This project was made possible through a grant from the Black Mountain Rotary Club and supports Owen Middle School’s Natural Impact Initiative, a three-phase program promoting environmental stewardship, citizen science, and exploratory learning.

Students enjoyed beautifying their campus, as well as working alongside the volunteers.

“I enjoyed being able to transplant the flowers, and know that in a few years, all this work will still be here for future generations of students to enjoy.”---7th grader Bruce Williams

“I learned how to keep away weeds by putting down weed fabric. It was fun working with the Rotarians to make our school look better.”---7th grader Quin Ho