Raised Beds/Pollinator Garden


Thanks to a grant from the NC Extension Master Gardeners, OMS recently installed three raised beds of native pollinators in our courtyard.   For this project, Eric Edwards from Edwards Landscaping worked with the Natural Impact Initiative team to create an initial design for the defunct pond area, which included the native pollinator beds.  Then, Michael Harrin, OMS PTO co-chair, cut and hand-crafted the white oak planks with tongue and groove notches at each corner. Meanwhile, students and staff from the YMCA after school program measured and cleared sod and rock from three 10x5 plots in the center courtyard at OMS. Matt Runkles, 6th grade student, was instrumental in instructing the team how to use flat shovels to more easily remove the sod. Once the beds and lumber were prepared, Edwards Landscaping crew came in over spring break to anchor the beds and fill them with soil for planting. Final collaboration came on planting day. Students and staff from Builder's Club, YMCA after school program and STEAM club worked together to plant the many varieties of native pollinator plants like mountain laurel, flame azaleas, red twig dogwood. Students will take turns watering the plants and weeding as necessary. Students will be working through their science classes to create signs for each species.