Trout Release 2015


In March 2015,  200 7th grade science students at OMS released 45 trout that the students raised from eggs and have cared for over the past 5-6 months.
Mr. Jim Cooper, 7th grade science teacher said, "We do this to teach students about water quality, since trout are a good indicator species.  They learn about life cycles as we raise them from eggs for about 5-6 months, and they learn about the scientific process, as we try to keep the aquarium balanced and healthy.  This year, we had to problem solve as fish began to die off, and we found out that they were getting a water mold from the rocks that we put in their habitat.  The students like to feed them, monitor and maintain the tank, name them and pick their favorites."  He added, "Of course, the culminating event is the release into the Swannanoa River near school, and the kids love to scoop the fish out of the bucket and watch them find their way in 'the big world." 
Trout in the Classroom provides all of the materials and fish eggs in order to promote science education and to restock trout into our local streams and rivers.  Tom Brewster from TIC came in with the delivery this year and talked to the students about healthy streams and trout in our local ecosystems.  John Stock from TIC attended the trout release and answered student questions.