Welcome, Warcolts, to Your Counseling Department!

The purpose of the school counseling program at Owen Middle is to help each individual achieve his/her highest growth potential academically, emotionally, and socially. Students are encouraged to speak with their counselor by making an appointment. The counselor functions in a helping capacity in all school-related situations. These services may include vocational counseling, assistance in academic problems, and individual personal counseling and small groups.

OMS School Counseling Staff:
All 8th Graders and 7th Grade Seahorses 
(B.A. New College of Florida; M.H.S. University of Florida)
All 6th Graders and 7th Grade Arabians 
(B.A.  University of Florida; M.A.Ed. Western Carolina Univeristy
Autumn Rhymer
School Social Worker
Owen Middle School on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings.
 Bachelor's Degree from Mars Hill University, and my Master's of Social Work (MSW) from East Tennesee State Universtity.