GIRLS SOCCER 2020-2021






 Games start  4:30pm

TUESDAY, Mar 23  CC @ Owen

TUESDAY, Mar 30 NB @ Owen

Rescheduled Game: Thursday 4/1 @ Valley Springs

Purchase Tickets Here: Valley Springs Game

THURSDAY, April 15 Erwin @ Owen

Monday, April 19 Owen @ Reynolds

Thursday, April 22 Owen @ Enka

Monday, April 26 Asheville @ Owen---CANCELLED




April 12


Screening at 3:00

3:15 - 5:00


April 13


Screening at 3:00

3:15 - 5:00


April 14


Screening at 3:00

3:15 - 5:00


April 15

(H) Erwin

@ 4:30

Screening at 3:00


April 16


Covid 19 Guidelines.pdf

Spring 2021 Soccer Information


Welcome to the 2021 OMS Spring soccer season. I’m very pleased that you are interested in joining the Owen Middle School Soccer team.  Please know that there are certain requirements that all students must meet.

 Requirements for team members:


  • Students need to be in good academic standing as per school guidelines; students need to attend class regularly (Zooms) and complete class assignments.
  • Students must follow all school/team rules that are in place. Although students work remotely, there are guidelines and behavior expectations in place that students must follow.
  • There is a $40 student fee.From this amount, $5 pays for school insurance, and $35 pays for transportation. This is a one-time annual fee (No fee will be required to play additional sports).
  • Each player needs a pair of white and a pair of black soccer socks. The school provides the soccer jerseys and shorts.



a. Team building is our main objective by promoting and developing individual and team character traits that will benefit the performance of the group.


b. Provided the time and place for students to develop their individual skills, techniques and through training, enhance player development along with aspects of game knowledge and game tactics.



We will follow the same training schedule in place during try-outs. Screening will begin at 3:00 and we will train until 5:00. This same screening schedule will be followed for home games and for away games. Screening takes place at the fieldhouse (stadium). For away games the bus will leave OMS at around 3:15 and return at approximately 6:15. If the student does not ride the bus, the student still needs to be screened at OMS and cleared to enter the away facility. We will train daily on non-game days. Please dress appropriately as there will be some days that will be cold and wet. Thank you for picking-up students promptly at the end of practice.


Our schedule includes 7 games. All games begin at 4:30. Games consist of two, 30-minute halves with a 10 minute halftime period, so our home games will end at approximately 5:15 if no overtime is played. The farthest we will travel will be Enka and Valley Spring. On these days, the bus will arrive back at school at around 6:15. Students may ride to and from games with their parents, but each student MUST notify the coach before leaving with a parent after riding the bus to the game. Parent notification is required for any student riding home with someone other than a family member.



The most productive part of our program has always been the daily training as it provides the opportunity for players to play and learn more about the game and themselves. In the twenty years I have been at Owen, I have witnessed inexperienced players become team leaders through sheer resilience and grit. They were self made through their efforts in training. In training each student is given the opportunity to grow and learn as they compete against their teammates. Training is equitable in every way. But games are fleeting and very competitive. Please know that playing time will not be equitably timed. Some players will play more than others. Players will know that the goal of every player in training is to prepare and build on their skills each and every day and break into the top eleven.