OMS Career Club

"Planning Today for Tomorrow"

The OMS Career Club will be participating in the Western Region Career Club (WRCC). Western Region Career Club is the Career-Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for Middle grade students that are enrolled, or have been enrolled in Career Technical Education Courses. As an integral part of instruction, WRCC provides activities for attaining competency goals and objectives identified in the exploratory curriculums.

OMS Career Club will strive to develop leadership skills, social intelligence, self-improvement, career understanding, and civic awareness.

Several "Social Trips" are planned throughout the year.  The purpose of these trips are to teach money management skills, appropriate social actions, improve self-esteem and to have FUN.  All "Social Trips" are for members only and are after school.  For more information, students should see Ms. Venturella, Ms. Cunningham, or Mr. Roberts.