BOYS Basketball

Owen Middle School Boys Basketball 2021-2022

Coaches: Kobe Bartlett, Austin Metcalf, & Matt Turner


Player Rules and Expectations


  • On Time: Late to practice results in team down and backs before practice, every minute a player is late results in 1 down & back. 10 mins late=10 down & backs! 
  • Practice: We believe in 100% all the time - Competition, skill development, practicing at game speed will make you a better player. 
  • RESPECT: Be respectful to coaches, teammates, opposing teams and officials. Failure to do so could lead to dismissal from the team. 
  • Talking back to a coach IS NOT allowed
  • Technical Fouls for Unsportsmanlike Conduct - An unsportsmanlike technical will lead to appropriate punishment in terms of conditioning, suspension or possible removal from the team. 
  • Unexcused Absences – 20 laps before the next game or doesn’t get to suit up. After 5 unexcused absences player will be removed from the team.
  • Excused Absences - Make-up conditioning 
  • Playing Time - This will be determined by the coaches and the effort that your son puts forth in practice. At any point a player has concerns or questions about playing time they may meet with coaches to discuss. We will sit down and discuss your role on the team. 
  • 24 Hour Parent Rule - Following Games - If you’re upset - sleep on it - when you wake up and you're still upset about something and need to discuss it with a coach please do so. You may email me at to schedule a time.
  • Team 1st - Just because your name isn’t announced at the start of the game, doesn’t mean you don’t play an important part of this program. Trying to get rid of the “rec ball mentality”.
  • School Policies - also determine your role or lack of role on this team (Drug/Alcohol), School Discipline, School Attendance and Grades
    • Attendance - Must be at school or zooming at least ½ a day to play or practice
    • Must stay in good attendance throughout the season
    • Must stay in good academic standing (pass 5 out of 6 and stay at grade level)
    • 3 times in ISS will result in removal from the team, 1 time in OSS will result in removal from the team.

Parent Information:

In appliance with Buncombe County Schools mask must be wore while attending the games at any school in Buncombe County.

  • Family ID needs to be filled out and uploaded before the first game tomorrow. This can be completed on the OMS site. There is also an athletic fee for transportation that is $40 and must be paid by next week.
    If your  played a fall sport at OMS, they are good to go.
  • Game times do not start at a set time, the girls will start and 4:30 and the boys will follow.
  • The Well system- There is 18 players on this team, and only 15 jerseys. This means that at some games your son will not be dressed out but will be apart on the team by traveling and sitting behind the bench. These players will rotate so the same players aren’t in the Well ever week. Players earn their jersey every week at practice!


  • Managers- Only 3 managers will be able to travel with the team at away games. This is due to the large number of both players and managers and having to share a bus with the girls’ basketball team. All managers will be present at home games sitting behind the bench. The managers will have different jobs at the games and focus on watching and experiencing the game at the middle school level.


  • Remind App- Download the remind app on your phone, put down your phone number or email on a piece of paper and I will add you to the group. The remind app is my main source of communication with parents if practice times/game times change.