Student Dress Code

At Owen Middle School, we believe that everyone has the right to feel comfortable while on campus.

Students will:

  • Wear clothing including both a top and bottom or the equivalent (for example: dresses or shirts and pants, leggings, skirts, or shorts)
  •  Wear shirts that fully cover the front and back of the torso and sides
  •  Wear footwear that is appropriate for tasks: classwork, lab work, P.E.
  •  Avoid showing undergarments, though shoulder straps and/or waistbands are acceptable. Backsides should be completely covered and unseen at all times.
  •  Avoid wearing sleepwear: pajamas, slippers, blankets.
  •  Avoid wearing clothing with offensive images or language, including profanity and hate speech, as well as images advocating violence/drugs/alcohol, discrimination, or bullying in any way (please see the Buncombe County Schools policy for more information).
  •  Wear protective gear, including face masks, as mandated by school on school properties 


Students will:

  •  Have no hoods on their head while in the hall or common areas
  •  Have no hat brims facing front while in the hall or common areas
  •  Have no covering of eyes while in the hall or common areas
  •  Have no covering of ears or earbuds while in the hall or common areas
  •  Turn off and not use cell phones during the school day (7:45am-3:00pm)