Student Dress Code

Clothing worn at Owen Middle School should be appropriate for a middle school learning environment.
Items that are suggestive in nature are not acceptable and must be changed before returning to class.
Only traditional daywear is permissible and the following guidelines apply:
1. Shoes must be worn at all times.
2. Shirts/Blouses must be suitable.
• No low necklines.
• Shoulder straps must be at least the width of three fingers.
• No oversized armholes.
• No fishnet or see-thru materials.
• Midriffs must not be visible under any circumstance
• No visible undergarments.
3. Pants must be worn around the waist. No “sagging”. Garments worn under pants must not be visible.
4. Shorts and skirts must pass the fingertip length rule (length of clothing must be at least as long as the
student’s fingertips when arms are down by sides). Leggings may be worn, but must be opaque (not
see-through). Any holes in pants or shorts must also meet the fingertip rule (no skin showing above
the fingertip line).
5. Head coverings (hoods, hats, scarves, bandanas, nets, etc.) are not allowed.
6. Profane, suggestive, obscene, gang-related, weapons, violent messages, alcohol, tobacco, drug, or insulting/offensive messages and/or illustrations on clothing are not acceptable.
7. Chains or spiked jewelry on clothing or person are not allowed.
8. Pajamas, bedroom slippers, and blankets are not appropriate dress for school and are not allowed. Blankets may be used on the bus in the morning, but must be stored in the student’s locker during the school day.

Students must meet dress code to be able to attend classes. Student Services and Resource Coordinator’s Offices will try to help students who do not meet dress code. Parents will be notified, if needed, to bring a change of clothes to school. Excessive dress code issues will result in disciplinary action.