Grade 8 Science

Course Description:

 "Traditional laboratory experiences provide opportunities to demonstrate how science is constant, historic, probabilistic, and replicable. Although there are no fixed steps that all scientists follow, scientific investigations usually involve collections of relevant evidence, the use of logical reasoning, the application of imagination to devise hypotheses, and explanations to make sense of collected evidence. Student engagement in scientific investigation provides background for understanding the nature of scientific inquiry. In addition, the science process skills necessary for inquiry are acquired through active experience. The process skills support development of reasoning and problem-solving ability and are the core of scientific methodologies."


Units of Study:

Structure of Hydrosphere
Earth History 
Molecular Biology

All 8th grade students will sit for the North Carolina End of Grade Test of Science Grade 8.


Supply List for 8th Grade Science:

10 Pocket Folders (Left at School)
1 pkg loose leaf notebook paper (Left at school)
Writing Utensil 
Colored Pencils/Crayons
Earbud with a 3.5 mm jack (no bluetooth)
Lab Fee ($5-$10)

1 package of disinfecting wipes
1 package paper towels

Lab Fee:

In a regular school year, it costs about $750 to purchase all the materials for the laboratory experiences, classroom demonstrations, and other materials needed for a laboratory course. We receive $0 from the state or school board for these expenses. It is for this reason we must ask our 8th grade parents for a $5-$10 donation to the 8th grade science account. We can accept check or cash. Also, no students is in any way penalized for not being able to or choosing not to make a lab donation. Please make checks out to Owen Middle School. 

Paperwork :-) 

During the first week of classes, parents and guardians will receive a syllabus, lab contract, and lab fee form to sign and return. Please note that no student will be able to participate in any lab experience until I receive a signed lab contract.