Virtual Information

Virtual Classroom

Office Hours are from 11 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday.

All Assignments are posted on Google Classroom by 9:00 AM. Please pay attention to the due dates. I post multiple days at once. Work at your own pace. 

If you need help with an assignment (Content, not technical support):

There is a Science Help Forum on my Canvas Classroom site. Please go there to post any questions you have regarding and assignment or part of an assignment. Also, you may post responses to other's questions. Please keep in mind all of my students have access to that forum! I moderate everything!

If you are having issues with your computer, a site, or other technical issue, please go to the virtual days site for Buncombe County Schools, or call the help desk. The Help Desk number is located on the Virtual Days website.

I will update Powerschool on Fridays with what has been turned in and scored by then.