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Trench Warfare

Excellent website describing life in trenches during World War I.

SAS Curriculum : Economic Systems

What are economic systems and why do they matter? Learn about the four types of economic systems and how they differ from one another. At the end of this tutorial, you can take a short, online quiz.
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Turning Points in History

For use on History Day Project!

Potato and Horse Columbian Exchange

To help with SAS Curriculum on Columbian Exchange...

Columbian Exchange Essays

The Columbian Exchange is the name for the exchange of animals, plants, people, diseases, and ideas between Europe and the Americas that followed Columbus' voyages to the New World.  The exchange had long-lasting effects for both worlds.  You have been charged with a crime involving the exchange and must write an essay defending yourself.  You will choose which crime to focus on and use the sources provided to build a defense.

Age of Exploration - Columbian Exchange

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When in site, sign in, and then search for Columbian Exchange. 

World War I Scavenger Hunt

Investigate or refresh your memory of the Great War in Europe.

CNN Student News

Daily we will be watching CNN Student News.  This is a daily news program geared towards middle and high schoolers.  Topics range from politics, natural disasters, human interest, and others.  The stories are written in a sensitive manner and are focused towards the adolescent.  Please feel free to watch this regularly to know what your child is watching and discussing in class.  Always following the news we have a question and answer session to clarify any story that may seem confusing.