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Mrs. Burns' Classroom Policies

Grades:  Homework, class work, and quizzes are each 15% of your grade.    If there is going to be a change for a particular assignment, you will be notified prior to the assignment.  Tests are 25% and projects count 30%.  You can expect homework 2-3 times per week, a test every four weeks (give or take), and 3-4 major projects during the year.  One guaranteed weekly assignment will be a news summary on an important event occurring in the world.  This is due every Friday and will be discussed in class.  Trust me, Social Studies should be an easy and enjoyable class if you keep up.

Materials:  For class you will need a 1-2 inch binder with plenty of notebook paper for notes and handouts.  Students will also need to have a spiral notebook or composition book to keep their SS Starters in.  This notebook should be kept in your binder and brought to class every day.  You will also need colored pencils (which you will use in all your academic classes at some point).  Other than that, you will need regular materials such as plenty of paper, pens, and pencils.  

Mercy Passes:

Every 9 weeks you will be given three Mercy Passes.  Mercy Passes are basically bathroom and locker passes.  They may also be used to excuse a minor tardy to class.  Once you have used your Mercy Passes for the 9 weeks, then you are no longer eligible to leave the classroom except for in an emergency (and that is my decision).  Don’t use your Mercy Passes up in the first few days of the 9 weeks! You will regret it, I promise!  At the end of the 9 weeks, if you still have some passes, you may use them the next 9 weeks or you may turn them in for added points to your grade.  If for some reason, I feel the privilege of using the passes is being abused, I will discontinue the procedure.

Work:  It is your responsibility to make up any work you have missed if absent from class.   You are given until the end of the nine weeks to get in this work.  If you are present in class and have just chosen not to complete an assignment, you will still be responsible for completing the work.  My personal “No Zero” policy is you have an extra day to complete an assignment, however you will lose 20 points off your final grade on that particular assignment.  After three days with the work still not completed to my satisfaction, an ASD will be assigned.  Every three late assignments will result in an ASD, with the ninth in a grading term equaling an office referral.

Rules:  You will follow regular classroom and school rules.  There are two particular ideas I feel strongly about, and that is treating everyone with respect and kindness, and that you do not cheat.  Do not risk a referral for copying someone else’s work (or letting someone copy your work) when I give plenty of assignments that will make up for a low late grade.