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Scale of the Universe!

Whoa, mind-blowing zoom in and out from the smallest to largest known things in our universe.  

Youtube video

Learn Genetics:  
what a great starting point, resource!

Genetic Home Reference Research

You must use this site to find out about the genetics behind your disorder, where in your genes is it located and how does it happen?

Sexual or Asexual Reproduction???

Test your skills and try to find out if these species make more of themselves sexually, asexually or....both!  There are some interesting creatures out there!

DNA Matching Game

How many complete strands of DNA can you complete?  A-T and C-G  

Punnett Square Fun

Test your abilities to predict the probability of different traits in chickens, lemmings, etc. 

Extracting DNA

See if you can separate DNA from a cell and find the DNA fingerprint.

Protists Webquest!

Use this site to complete the table on the worksheet, BUT, be careful to follow the instructions to the left of the webpage, step by step, or it won't flow right.  When you're finished do some Protista trivia and explore other Protist websites on my Educational Links in preparation for the quiz!

Cells game

PHYSICS Simulations!

PHYSICS Games, and LOTS of them!

Explore the forces and laws of physics

More Physics Fun and Games

Check it out

Relative Humidity

Having trouble figuring out the whole percentage of water vapor in the air thing?   This little page is a big help.  Read it, quiz yourself, and get to know what relative humidity means (as a young meteorologist!).

Global Warming

Go to this interactive site and learn more about how humans effect the climate, be sure to check out all the things under Table of contents (yes, all the things).

Global Warming--Sea Level Rise.... What could happen (interactive)

What cities could be affected by a melting of glaciers and icebergs as our climate warms, and just how much will they be affected?

! Fun Physics games goldmine!

Wow, play online and learn all at the same time --lots of physics links in here!!!!

Friction and Acceleration Simulation

Go to this cool webpage, download or run now on the Forces and Motion: Basics Simulation, and go to the Friction and the Acceleration tabs at the top.
What have you learned about Friction and Acceleration?  Write down 3 things on your looseleaf. 

Roller Coaster Physics

Potential and kinetic energy are at play--check it out!

Transcribe the lyrics!

See if you can play and pause this song, and write down all the genetics-related lyrics!  Partial credit given if you have to skipped words that are inaudible.

Dragon Genetics and More Mendel's Peas

Go slow, follow the directions....or else this site will make no sense!
Breed some cool dragons and .....Mendel and his Peas, look deeper into Mendel's experiments with this interactive site!

Anatomy Arcade online

Know your body systems and organs!!!

Discovery online Techbook

Using your student login (lastnamelunchnumber, then lunchnumber), you can access online assignments, videos, quizzes, tests, etc.  Stretch beyond what is assigned and use the millions of resources in the website to maximize your learning!

Scientific Method outline

Use this as a guide for how to set up any test or experiment.  Also useful for your first project!

"The Poetry of Reality" youtube video

Catchy little 'song' that features real scientists describing what science means to them.

The known universe video

 A cool video to help 'put things into perspective' .


Good study slideshow:

Virtual Cell website:


Virtual Cell worksheet (answers on separate document):


Study your organelles (structures) and functions w/ online flashcards,


Mr. C’s flashcards (Best!):


Other flashcards:

 Matching and other cell games: