Questions to Answer for Genetic Disorder Project

    Here are just SOME of the possible prompts or ideas for your slides or presentation:

    What IS your genetic disorder (define it, other names for it?)

    Which parts of the body or parts of someone's life does it affect?

    Which people are most affected or at risk (everyone? certain races?  certain genders? certain ages?)

    What are the symptoms?

    Get specific with the genetics: (use and search the details):  
         Which chromosome(s) or gene(s) are affected?
         What type of mutation causes the disorder (think substitution, deletion, etc)
         What type of inheritance pattern does it follow (is it autosomal, sex-linked, recessive, etc.)?
          How is it diagnosed (medically, with pedigrees, DNA tests?)
    What role does the environment, how someone is raised/nurtured play in causing or affecting the person?

    What is it like for someone to live with the disorder? (maybe include someone's personal story)

    What treatments, medicine or supports exist for someone to help them live with this disorder?