Resources to get more, learn more, or go beyond the basic curriculum.

Are you looking for an easy way to get more, learn more, or go beyond the basic curriculum?  Here are some suggestions.
1.   Go to and take or sign up to receive via email the daily SAT Question of the Day. 

2.   Go to and register for free.  Go to Alcumus and work problems.  Take an online course or purchase a textbook. 

3.   Go to and pick a topic to see and hear a terrific YouTube video explaining the concept or skill.  Sal Khan may be the best online Math teacher ever!
4.   Go to     Royal Fireworks Press - Publishers for Gifted and Talented Children Since 1977; Demanding Curriculum / Resources for Parents / New Online Learning Community
5.   Go to   and purchase cool science stuff or just learn ways to use things around the house to conduct experiments.
6.   Go to  and purchase hands-on manipulatives and games that are way better than most computer or telephone "games".