Grading Policy

During Remote Learning, grades are calculated as follows:

  • Students will receive a weekly grade that combines Zoom participation with daily assignment completion.
  • Daily Zoom Meetings are 10 pts each day, for a max of 50 points each week.
  • Daily assignments are 10 pts each day, for a max of 50 points each week; the grade is not necessarily always based on percentage correct/incorrect answers-task completion may also be factored in
  • Taken together these two grades make up students' weekly grade.
  • All assignments can be made-up within 10 days. After that period of time, students will not be able to access missed/incomplete assignments.

When we get back to a normal schedule:

  • Grades are computed using a point system. The number of points a student has earned on each assignment will be added together then divided by the total amount of points possible to determine a final average. Quizzes and projects will be worth considerably more points than homework or classwork.
  • Generally, most classwork/HW assignments may be corrected and resubmitted.
  • Project/Quiz assignments may not be corrected and resubmitted for a higher grade.
  • Every effort will be made to update PowerSchool Grades every Wednesday.

* Did you know that you can check on your student's grades? Just use your PowerSchool account if you have previously activated it, or ask your child to log in to his/her PowerSchool account.

* All assignments can be accessed through Google Classroom.