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(or all the stuff your child "forgot" to tell you)
Email Address: b[email protected]
Phone number: 828-686-7739
I cannot count the number of parent conferences I have been in where the parent looked at their child in frustration and said "I never knew that. That's not what he or she told me!"

Late Work:

Life is not ideal. If there are reasons you believe your child’s work will be late please let us know before the due date. We are very accommodating and understanding.

Otherwise, our late policy is any assignment may be turned in up to one week late with a sheet signed by the parent or guardian acknowledging its lateness and reason for lateness.

All late work is an automatic 20% off with the highest grade possible being an 80%.

Again, we will work with you if we know ahead of time and it’s a reason, not an excuse.


Nature does call sometimes. Students are welcome to use the bathroom one at a time, with a pass, during independent work. Going to the bathroom during direct instruction is disallowed unless an emergency, in which case students will be referred to the school nurse.


Students are expected to be in class on time. If a student is late, they will need a late note signed by a teacher.

Excessive tardies will be dealt with on an individual basis.


Students are expected to have all supplies they will need for class. Both Language Arts classrooms will have storage for most of what the students will need, but a pencil and SSR reading book are required daily.


Each language Arts teacher will have a set of vocabulary words for their section of the unit being taught. A frayer map for each vocabulary word will be due on the last day of the unit. Words, a frayer map template, and due dates will be posted on the teacher’s website and sent to the student’s email.


While we utilize technology for instruction, projects, and assessment, it is by no means the focus of our classrooms. Having a device is not a requirement and device use in the classroom for instruction is by teacher discretion. Texting, social media use, and all other non-educational activities will not be tolerated and your child’s device will be confiscated and turned into administration. No exceptions.


Please refer to our teacher pages on the school’s website for lesson updates, pictures, and project instructions!

Book Reports:

Each nine week grading period your child will be required to choose and read two books independently outside of school. One book will be a fiction selection for Ms. Langlois and the other will be a non-fiction selection for Mr.  Feste. We can site a lot of research that shows the benefit of reading at least 30 minutes a day, but use the infographic below to get a brief overview. Please feel free to read the same book your child is reading as modelling this behavior also reinforces life-long reading habits.

Thanks! This will be a great year.