Educational Links


An interactive format for connecting to photographs, maps, images, etc.


 A good interactive sight to create a "fakebook" page for historical figures


A nice site for creating graphic organizers with a 'pop'.

Historical scenes Investigations

Historical scenes investigations.  Investigations into primary documents



Use the following site to create a digital cube.


Make It Shine. Your zeen can include words, images, galleries, links, music, videos, maps and lots more.

World War I Scavenger Hunt

Investigate or refresh your memory of the Great War in Europe.

Children of World War II BBC

History Timeline of the 20th Century

Browse through this history timeline of the 20th century to examine each decade within this amazing century.

Children in the Industrial Revolution

It's No Laughing Matter: Analyzing Political Cartoons

All cartoonists have access to a collection of tools that help them get their point across. Some of these techniques work "behind the scenes." You might not even notice them unless you know what you are looking for. In this activity, you'll get to take apart real-world cartoons--and learn how to spot the methods behind the message.

21st Century Tools for Educators

Vocapp - This browser and IOS app based flashcard utility allows you to create multiple flashcard sets, and it will translate English to other languages. It will also say the flashcards aloud with great accuracy.

Vextab Music Notation - This chrome browser add-on allows users to create music notations in a Google Doc. You can view a tutorial on how to use Vextab here.

World Digital Library - This online digital repository has thousands of primary source documents and images. You can search by subject, country, etc. as well as explore interactive maps and timelines.

National Archives Experience - This primary source archive displays its documents and images in connected clouds that students can navigate. Students can also save documents to view later and then use them to create digital posters complete with text and clip art.

Quizalize - Welcome to the new and improved Kahoot! This online quiz tool is as easy to use as Kahoot but offers new features that take student interaction and feedback to the next level. Students compete as teams and race toward the finish line. Also, teachers get an in-depth analysis of which students need more help on specific questions. This video does a fantastic job of explaining how to use Quizalize in your classroom.

Goformative - This webtool allows teachers to see students answers to questions in real time so feedback can be given while the student is working on the question. Great opportunity with this tool to stop bad habits when solving a problem before they begin

Seeing What's on the Map

Every map was made by someone. The mapmaker had to choose what to put on the map, and what to leave off: rivers, roads, buildings, borders, flags, and more. Discover a new way of looking at maps that will help you find clues about what the mapmaker thought was important.

Alternatives to WallWisher

Map Creation Tools for Students

Six Multimedia Timeline Creation tools for Students

this is a fun and FREE web-based geography game How does government affect me?