Links for internet based learners

Coach Grayson's links for signing up properly for the Big History Project

   1st step is to copy your class Access Code.
   2nd step is to click your class link
   3rd step is to paste your access code

Access Code for 1st Block= FP2QW6 1st Block Access Code for 2nd Block=9XCHV8 2nd Block Access Code for 3rd Block=4KPG63 3rd block Access Code for 4th Block=7H8VUY 4th block

See below for help with signing up for Mr. Moore's classes
Mr. Moore's links for signing up for Everfi.
Step 1= copy your class code
1st =fa4414a7
                2nd= aac49d77      
3rd= d176163a           
4th= c47cbeed         
Step 2= click on the link below
link to Everfi financial Literacy
Step 3= register and paste your code
Login with your gmail
Mr. Moore's links for signing up for
Step 1= click your class link
1st block
2nd block
3rd block
4th block
Step 3= register and click to join
Login with your gmail