Hawkins, Laurel--Project Lead the Way

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       Obviously, this is Ms. Hawkins' bio-page.  I, therefore, am Ms. Hawkins- Project Lead the Way
teacher.  It is an auspicious title given to me after 23 years in the teaching profession.  This is my
fourth year in Project Lead the Way - a program that promotes hands-on problem solving in one
of three main branches; biomedicine, engineering, and programming. In each grade level, I teach a 
different course.  Sixth graders and 7th graders take Design and 
Modeling which is an introduction to engineering design.  Eighth graders learn Automation and Robotics. 
       I actually attended Swannanoa Valley schools - but back then Black Mountain and
Swannanoa had their own middle schools and the middle school building was actually the
high school.  To say the least, I sometimes feel a bit weird walking down the halls again. 
After high school, I attended and graduated from UNC-Charlotte in 1997.  The next seven years
were a blur as I taught in Surry County- Mount Airy to be exact.  Mount Airy often goes by another
name- Mayberry, home of Andy Griffith.  I have eaten at Snappy Lunch and I have gone to Mount
Pilot- just a few of the down home favorites.  Once I discovered there would be an opening at
Owen Middle, though, I knew the time to return to my hometown was at hand.  Needless to say,
they hired me and here I am to stay. In December 2013, I finished my Masters Degree in
Instructional Technology and hope to incorporate the ideas I learned in my coursework and in
various workshops every year and in the years to follow, challenging myself and my students to
 use technology as a tool rather than just a toy.