Soda Constructor Challenge 2

Category: Assigned

Soda Constructor Challenge 2  (100 points)




Problem: Create a shape of at least 5 line segments that can withstand 3 full gravity downs and 3 full gravity ups while maintaining its original shape and design.




Restrictions to meet



Documentation/Evidence to show



You will need to test multiple figures and document how many line segments were used for each.



Take two to three screen shots of each figure-



a)   one at the beginning before gravity is applied



b)    after the first gravity down is applied



c)    after the last gravity up is applied



Apply one full-level gravity down and one full-level gravity up to your figure.




Repeat twice more and document success or failure.



Create a powerpoint presentation with your screen shots.



Springiness and friction should stay in the center of the figure



Explain either through typing or audio what was a positive about your figure and what you needed to change after each failure before you start your newest figure.