Virtually What is happening...

March 2020 Update

Medical Detectives:

6th Grade students have just finished experiments/simulations on flu transmission as well as had School Registered Nurse Emily Mannie run an experiment on how to properly wash their hands.  Twenty seconds folks and don't forget your wrists and  thumbs.  After researching food pathogens, students began their path in relating symptoms, causes, and incubation periods for the different pathogens in a flow chart.  As we start virtual days, students will be using my flowchart and a patient profile to create a slide show showcasing their patient and the diagnosis they determine.  This assignment is located on Google Classroom and labeled Mystery Illness: Diagnosis. Once they finish this, I have some more and varied Diagnosis pieces for them using Everfi on Clever.  

Design and Modeling:

7th Grade students are currently studying drawing techniques used by engineers to recreate different products.  They have explored isometric or 3-D drawings and then orthographic or multi-view drawings that allow engineers to manufacture their pieces when having dimensions with appropriate measurements. Some of these beginning engineers have moved into the project portion of the unit where they are designing a wooden block or foam rubber puzzle.  Each one has set criteria laid out in the design briefs located on Google Classroom.  For virtual days, I have made a package of blocks and foam rubber that can be used to build their puzzles.  Assignments for planning, drawing, and posting results will be located on Google classroom.  I cannot wait to see the results of each student's genius!

Automation and Robotics:

8th Grade students, or the majority, have worked their way through 11 basic gear builds and moved into more complex structures where more than one gear structure is required.  So, as we enter into Virtual Days, builds are not going to be possible.  Instead, we will be creating virtual robots and programming them.  The county is working with me to get this set up and downloadable to my students.  I am excited to explore with my students this virtual robot world.  It uses the same computer language as what we would use in the classroom and hit our goals in automation.