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November 2019 Update

Medical Detectives:

6th Grade students have just finished experimenting on their five senses and learning about hearing loss. They are looking forward to dissecting a sheep brain after Thanksgiving break, where they looked at brain structures that are in charge of the senses they learned about as well as bodily functions.  After the dissection, they will diagnose a mystery disease for a patient that has come into their offices. 

Design and Modeling:

7th Grade students are currently studying flight.  They have read multiple small texts about forces that impact flight as well as tested out different types of paper rotors.  We were lucky enough to have the Broad River Fire and Rescue out to demonstrate drone operations in the area before students moved into working Tinkercad in order to 3D print propellers of their own design.

Automation and Robotics:

8th Grade students are working at their own pace through a variety of builds.  Some students have completed 11 basic gear structures, others have moved into builds that require different connected gear structures that serve specific purposes, and some have moved into the automation piece- working with programming code, wiring a cortex, and creating a functioning build that serves a specific purpose.