What is happening...

December 2018 Update

Medical Detectives:

6th Grade students have just finished dissecting a sheep brain where they looked at brain structures that are in charge of the senses they learned about as well as bodily functions.  They are currently diagnosing a mystery disease for a patient that has come into their offices. 

Design and Modeling:

7th Grade students are currently in the sixth build which is a designing a middle school friendly puzzle out of 3/4 inch wooden blocks.  The goal is to finish the build before we leave for break, but due to weather conditions, that may not happen.  If it extends into the new year, that is okay.  

Automation and Robotics:

8th Grade students are working on their last gear builds in the next few weeks.  They have explored building eleven basic types of gears and exploring how each gear structure applies the concepts of gear ratios, torque and speed.  Currently, we have multiple students moving into complex gear structures in the WIndmill, Pull Toy, and Survival Challenge builds.  I have one student that has moved past those builds into the Automation portion of the curriculum and is programming sensors.