Krasutsky, Brittany--Science and SS (7th)

Ms. Krasutsky Bio
Ms. Krasutsky
Ms. Brittany Krasutsky

At UNC Asheville, I earned my Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science along with teaching licensure for 6-9th grade Science, and 9-12 grade Earth Science. Teaching has been a part of my career since the early nineties.  My former career was in sales and marketing. I traveled the world for many years working with business owners and was an integral part of two successful start up companies. Now I focus on teaching middle school (which I love) and raising my beautiful son, who attends Black Mountain Primary. I've been a resident of Black Mountain for 11 years and cannot imagine living anywhere else!
My goal is to inspire curiosity and a love for science in each of my students.  I do this in the classroom by using technology and hands on activities that engage students and encourage higher levels of understanding and learning. In addition, as the chairperson of the Natural Impact Initiative (NII) for OMS, I focus on gettting the students out to experience science in nature, learn about their natural Appalachian Heritage while incorporating science into their everyday lives.  Students have been involved in preparing soil, planting native pollinator plants and American Chestnut saplings and so much more.  Check out some of the press about our endeavors on my websight or the NII tab on the OMS homepage.  I look forward to seeing what we will all accomplish for our environment this school year!