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For Virtual Days learning:
I will be using Google Classroom for assignments.  Your kiddos are already set up in my classroom.  I will be adding links here as I receive them, to give kiddos educational activities to reinforce content.


Extracting DNA

See if you can separate DNA from a cell and find the DNA fingerprint.


Punnett Square Fun

Test your abilities to predict the probability of different traits in chickens, lemmings, etc.   CLICK 'RUN THIS TIME' AT THE TOP WHEN YOU SEE THE PUZZLE PIECE 


Dog Breeding- Interactive!!

Use your knowledge of the principles of genetics to breed some puppies,,,be careful, nobody pays big money for a mutt!


DNA Matching Game

How many complete strands of DNA can you complete?  A-T and C-G  


Mendel's Peas!

Go to this website, and PLEASE! click "View Student's Instructions" and READ before entering the Web Lab.  If you finish this Web Lab, go back and go into the Web Directory and learn about all sorts of awesome genetics topics --trust me, its fun!




Climate Change: Global Warming





Storm Chasers


Cool Math Games


NOAA: National Weather Service


Discovery Education


Gizmo: Explore Learning