Syllabus: 7th Grade Science

Owen Middle School Arabians

Ms. Brittany Krasutsky


Syllabus:  7th Grade Science

7th grade science is an integrated science encompassing earth, life and physical sciences, with an emphasis on life sciences. Students begin the year by learning about the structure and composition of Earth’s Atmosphere, weather patterns, and energy transfer and the water cycle.  We then will begin our zoom out and zoom in explorations, beginning with a cell and zooming out to organ systems then zooming in to the smallest atom.  We will finish the year with a journey into physics, where we will study forces and motion, work and simple machines and energy.

First Nine Weeks:

Studying our Atmosphere

  •  Composition of Air
  •  Energy Transfer and the Water Cycle
  •  Meteorology (weather)
  •  Structure and Composition of Earth’s Atmosphere


Second Nine Weeks:


  •  plant and animal cells and cell organelles
  •  cellular functions: respiration, photosynthesis, osmosis, replication, DNA


  •  Mendel and Heredity
  •  Pedigree Charts
  •  Reproduction
  •  Factors that Influence Human Reproduction and Development


Third Nine Weeks:

Body Systems

  •  the form and function of human body systems: musculoskeletal system
  •  the human body: cardiovascular and digestive systems


Fourth Nine Weeks:


  •  Forces and Motion
  •  Energy
  •  Work and Simple Machines

I believe in providing many opportunities to assess students learning and understand that each student learns in different ways.  As such, grades will consist of tests (100pts), quizzes (25pts), projects (200 pts), and homework (various points). The students will keep a journal dedicated solely to their science classes, which will include daily warm-ups, notes, reflections and all lab assignments. The journal is worth 100 pts each nine week. Extra credit is allowed and will be offered 2-3 weeks before each 9 week period ends, and due one week before so I have time to grade them.