Welcome Letter to Parents

Owen Middle School Seahorses

Ms. Brittany Krasutsky

7th Grade Science

Dear Parents,


Welcome to 7th Grade Science at Owen Middle School!  I am honored to have your child in my science class, and I am excited to work with you and your child throughout the year.  I believe that science is an extremely engaging and interesting subject.  It increases our awareness and knowledge of the world around us and opens doors to new and exciting discoveries.

This year your son or daughter will be using a variety of resources to help them achieve proficiency in science.  These will include 1:1 devices, research in our media center and various guest experts.  They will also have many opportunities to apply what they learned in lessons through various lab investigations and activities which are fun and highly engaging.

My goal is to create a classroom learning environment to help your child:

  •  develop a strong science vocabulary
  •  build a solid foundation of science concepts and understanding
  •  make connections among science and other academic areas
  •  utilize technology to learn more about science
  •  develop critical thinking skills and the ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and solve real-life problems

Because you are an integral part of your child’s education, I feel home to school communication is of vital importance.  I hope to meet each of you on meet the teacher/parent day.  I would also like to extend an invitation for you to contact me at any time.  I can be reached through the main school office (686-7739) at extension 310, or by email at [email protected].  If you would like to speak in person, I’m generally available most days between 2:00  to 2:45pm, provided I'm not in a parent conference or other staff meeting.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. The best way to reach me quickly is via email.

I know that we will have a successful, exciting, and productive year in science and I look forward to being a part of the academic progress your child will make.


Best Regards,


Brittany Krasutsky

7th Grade Science Teacher, Chairperson of the Natural Impact Initiative, Go Global Educator