Marsden, Vanessa--Lang. Arts 7th and 8th Grade

Vanessa Marsden-Virtual Days

[email protected]
Resouce ELA 7th & 8th Grade
Inclusion ELA 8th Grade with Langlois and Feste

Virtual Days: as of today, 3/17, my virtual hours will be 9-1 Monday-Friday.
I will be using Google Classroom and will be posting announcements and updates daily.
I will be attempting to contact students who do not have internet via phone and/or snail mail weekly. 

About me: I have been an EC teacher for 20 years and have taught in a variety of school and held lots of different positions. I like new challenges and varied experiences.
McDowell High school-Inclusion ELA and sometimes math teacher
McDowell Early college-Inclusion, British Lit and Seminar teacher
ArtSpace Charter School-Middle School EC Director and resource teacher
McDowell High School-ELA and Social Studies Occupational Program

I am happy and proud to be a Warcolt this year!

On a personal note: I enjoy travelling, hiking, eating and watching premier league soccer.