McCarthy, Bridgit--ELA/SS 7th

I am Bridgit McCarthy and I love teaching grade 7!
We are certainly in for an interesting year.
Together, with a sense of community driving everything we do, we WILL get though.

Here's what you need to know for REMOTE LEARNING.
Starting August 24, students will follow the remote schedule and should be reporting to homeroom at 8:00 daily.
The links to join daily sessions are in an email sent August 21st. The links will remain the same for remote learning.

Please join the appropriate google classrooms, if you haven't done so already.

McCarthy ELA #1- xwbvdaw
McCarthy ELA #2-sg73qje
McCarthy ELA #3- 37yaryi
McCarthy SS- o53vwrf

Email me with questions or concerns.
My email is [email protected]