Course Pacing Guide

Note: The SCOS can be found o the DPI site Course Pacing Guide 8th Grade Science Owen Middle School 2018-2019 (all dates are tentative) Aug. 27-Sept. 10 Nature of Science* (Scientific Method, safety, measurements, metric, ...) Sept.11-Nov. 30 CHEMISTRY/MATTER** in text, Ch 5,6,7,8,10,11 Dec. 3- Jan. 11 HISTORICAL GEOLOGY*** Ch 15 in text Jan. 14-Feb 1 ECOSYSTEMS Feb 4-15 ENERGY Feb. 18- 22 CELLS (Ch 17, 18 in text) Feb 25- April 15 PATHOGENS AND DISEASES**** April 22-26 BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY April 29-May 24 HYDROLOGY Ch 2,3,4 in text May 27-June 6 EOG REVIEW CANCER Unit after EOG * Scientist Project **Element Project ***So You Want to be a Paleontologist Project ****Disease Project