The 8th Grade Science EOG is  June 5, 2018.
I am happy to report that our school has a very high success rate on the Science EOG, especially if they focus during the review.

The first review should be studying the 200+ SWODs.
Students will be given an 11-page review sheet in class.  

Students will also be given a packet that states every learning goal and target.
I only have a CLASS SET of books and review books. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have each student bring home books. We use 5 different texts throughout the year, as well as numerous outside sources such as Discovery Education.  The BEST place for students to find answers to the review questions are within the numerous folders of materials they worked on throughout the school year.  The main goals were:  =Chemistry/Matter; Cell Theory;  Hydrology; Ecology; Evolution; Energy; microbiology; historical geology; pathogens and diseases;   biotechnology, and molecular biology . All folders will be returned. 
Email me if you have questions or concerns: