Lab Safety Contract

 If you need another contract, please come and see me. 
 This contract needs to be signed by the student and the legal parent or guardian.


For Grades 6-8 (Will be kept on file through 8th grade)Student Name ________________________________________          Home Phone __________
Parent /Guardian _____________________________________      Cell Phone ____________
LABORATORY SAFETY PROCEDURES ( A copy of this should be in your notebook)
  1. Follow the instructions of your teacher.   If you have a safety question, ask your teacher. Each time new equipment is used, the teacher will demonstrate how to use it properly.
  2. Be aware of the location of all safety equipment.  Know the safety procedures for your lab.
  3. Wear safety goggles and closed toe shoes when required.  
  4. Roll up loose long sleeves on shirts and tie long hair back when directed to do so.
  5. Treat ALL materials with respect.  Do not smell or taste any chemical without permission.
  6. Be cautious around electrical equipment and outlets.
  7. DO NOT waste  or misuse materials.
  8. Read all labels twice to make sure you have the correct substance.
  9. NO “horseplay” or “fooling around” is permitted.
  10. Use equipment only after you have been given permission from your teacher to do so.
  11. Report all accidents  or broken equipment to the teacher immediately.
  12. Move carefully in the classroom.  (No running or jumping)
  13. Speak softly during your group work so others cannot hear your conversations.
  14. Clean all equipment and return it to assigned area as directed by the teacher.
  15. All group work areas are to be cleaned before you leave the lab / classroom.
  16. *Unless given permission, during lab activities gum, candy, and  drinks are not allowed.


This paper certifies that I have read the “Laboratory Safety Acknowledgement Form” and will be given ongoing verbal instructions from the classroom science teacher concerning safety procedures before each activity..  I realize that failure to observe these instructions could result in serious injury to me and / or others.  I acknowledge my responsibility towards the care and use of all materials and equipment.


I promise to observe and obey these rules at all times.  If I neglect to follow these safety rules, I understand I will be removed from the laboratory portion of this course, as well as possibly receive additional consequences..

Student signature and date Parent / Guardian signature and date

You will be given two copies of this form.  One is to be signed and the other is kept in your science notebook or folder.