Supplies, Homework, and Grading Policy

 6 or 7 - folders 
loose leaf paper
#2 pencils
colored pencils, small cardboard, markers, etc. for projects.  May keep at home.
  OPTIONAL $5 Lab Fee  (to help us purchase materials to do hands-on activities)
Homework will be posted each day on the left side of my white board.  I do not post it on the website because often schedules change and plans change.  I will always post projects and upcoming tests on this website, however. Most science homework consists of finishing a graphic organizer,  finishing a project or studying for a quiz or test.
When a student is absent for just a day, they may check in with me upon their return.  If a student is out for an extended time, they should touch base with me to see all they missed.  Often students are just worried about the homework missed, but there is also CLASS WORK equally important.   You may email me at any time to find out if there was an assignment. 

Grading Policy


GRADE:  I grade on a POINT system.  Most work will be assigned a point value.  All tests, most labs, and all projects are worth 100 points.  In addition, the Science Word of the Day (SWOD) assignment is worth 100 points.  Daily work, video notes and similar type assignments are assessed on EFFORT or completeness.  Quizzes, Tests, Projects, and Labs are graded on accuracy.   As you receive papers back you will note a score such as 10/15, or 89/100, 45/50.  The final grade is determined by total points earned divided by total points possible, x 100.  For example, at the end of N1 you may have earned 1250 points, but there were 1500 total.  Your grade would be

1250/1500= 0.8333 x 100 for a grade of 83% or a B.


Students and Parents should check PowerSchool daily.  I will usually update at least 2x a week.


NOTES:  Notes are important, especially the graphic organizers.  On quizzes and tests students may use their SWOD note, in addition to one half sheet of notes, written in their own handwriting and on one side only.  The only exceptions will be for Symbols Test, and the EOG quizzes.


LATE WORK:  Late work, including SWOD will only be accepted ONE DAY later, and for ½ credit, this includes Projects.  Projects will NOT be accepted beyond one week late.


HELP:  If you feel you need additional tutoring, just let me know.  I can arrange to stay after

School or come in early to help you. Do not assume I am always here early or stay late, make an appointment please.   You may also email me with questions any time.


TEXTBOOKS:  We only have a class set of books, so they do not go home.  Most of it will be available on CANVAS at some point.  


HOMEWORK:  Most homework consists of finishing what was started in class, such as a NEWSELA article or graphic organizer, studying for quizzes and tests, or finishing a project.


Organization:  This is the key to success in most things in life.  The use of folders that are kept in my room, facilitates not losing papers or the need to return to your locker.  You can take your folders home any time, just remember to bring them back


Laptops:  Laptops will not always be needed; I will have a sign on my door if they are.  It is your responsibility to keep them charged.  You will not be allowed to charge in class, unless you are in my homeroom and need to leave it here overnight.

 SWOD:  Science Word of the Day: On most days, 1-3 words will be given to students to unscramble the definition  or fill in the blanks to complete. When we reach 10, I will collect for 100 points.  It must be done correctly. These may be used on quizzes and tests.