Warren, Heather -- Lang. Arts (6,7,8)

2020-2021 School Year

6th Grade Language Arts/ Broncos Team

7th Grade Language Arts/ Rocking Horse Team

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My Contact Information

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 1:30-3:30 
Grading: All of my graded work will be updated in
PowerSchool by 5pm every Tuesday.
Email: heather.warren@bcsemail.org
School Number: (828) 686-7739
Google Number: (828) 365-8192

Google Classroom Codes

Block 1 Resource 6th ELA: bj6mnol
Class Zoom begins @ 8:00 AM

Block 3 Inclusion 6th ELA: l3zvjca
Class Zoom  begins @ 10:00 AM

Block 4 Inclusion 7th ELA: fro6onw
Class Zoom begins @ 11:00 AM

Block 5 Inclusion 6th ELA: gjelfnt
Class Zoom begins @ 12:00PM