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Current "I can" statements!

  Unit 4 - Comparing and Scaling
  • I can make comparisons using ratios, percents, fractions, rates, or differences.
  • I can use long division to convert a rational number to a decimal.
  • I can find equivalent forms of given rations and rates to scale comparisons up and down.
  • I can find and interpret unit rates, and use them to make comparisons.
  • I can identify the unit rate as the constant of proportionality and write equations.
  • I can identify if two quantities in a table, graph, or equation are proportional.
  • I can set up and solve proportions, using scaling or equivalency.
  • I can use words to explain the relevance of a specific point on the graph of a proportional relationship.  



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                                 Class Schedule       
                     7:45-7:55 -    Homeroom
                     7:55-9:00 -   Block I
                     9:05-10:10-   Block II
                     10:15-11:20- Block III
                     11:25- 1:20-  Block IV
                      -12:25-12:55- Lunch
                      1:55-3:00- Block V