Counseling and Guidance Links

Mindfulness Survey

This is a simple 5 questions survey to help me determine how this year's Mindful Monday class help students in school and at home.

Career interest inventory

This is a great way to explore how your personal interests connect to the the world of work and possible career path.  You can look at specific jobs, the required education and skills, and potential salaries. Just put a check in the box of each task you like to do, or would like to do and see what jobs might be out there for you!

Learning Styles Quiz

A quick way to learn you primary learning strength and some strategies for studying more effectively.

Owen High School Webpage

SAVE- Students Against Violence Everywhere

This is my club, one of the biggest student driven oragnizations in the counrty.  We meet monthly on Club Days throughout the school year.  We'd love to have your involvement.