Academically or Intellectually Gifted Services At OMS

Academically or intellectually gifted (AIG) students at Owen Middle perform or show potential to perform at substantially high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment. Outstanding abilities are present in students from all cultural groups across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor.
Guidelines Governing Local Plans for Gifted Education
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

To meet the academic needs of gifted students,Owen Middle School's plan for Academically/ Intellectually Gifted education works to:

1. Identify, through the use of multiple criteria, students who need differentiated services. Criteria considered are:

a. Student achievement
b. Student interest
c. Student motivation to learn
d. Student aptitude
e. Student performance
f. Observable student behaviors

All students are screened yearly using End-of-Grade scores. The majority of students are evaluated for the AIG program in the fall of each school year. However, nominations may be made at any time during the school year as a need arises.